hollow section 2

The Square Hollow Section

A square hollow section is a formed plate steel support used in the building of residential and commercial structures. A hollow structural section (HSS) can be round, square or rectangular in its exterior shape. These sections are ether cold-formed or hot-formed from plate steel. The resulting piece would then be classified by ASTM International standards as A500 quality steel or according to the new standards an A1085 before its use as a structural element. Read More

Sedus office furniture

Benefits of using Sedus ergonomic chairs in the work place

Spending long hours at your work desk can cause you to experience body pain especially back, shoulders, and neck pain. However, sometimes this is unavoidable especially if your job is a desk job. To relieve the excessive stress on your spine, you should consider using ergonomic chairs.
These chairs are different from traditional ones because they are specifically designed to help you remain in a comfortable position while you work. Read More


Master’s In Innovation Management: Why BBS is the Right School

Thinking of getting a Master’s in Innovation Management in Italy? Why not try Bologna Business School? A very good reason you should choose Bologna Business School is that Innovation Management is combined with Mechanics and Automation. Only very few schools combine the two highly beneficial courses together. Read More


Liverpool Job Vacancies Featured Online With Proven Best Results

When it comes to job vacancies in Liverpool, there is a current employment boom in the region that has Liverpudlians sharing their good fortune online. In fact, the local chamber of commerce points to regional population numbers climbing to nearly 3 billion thanks to an economic resurgence in this metro borough in north west England. Liverpool has been a famed place to find work ever since the Industrial Revolution while today’s job “revolution” is linked to the information technology industry and the Internet of things. Read More

italian election supplies

A guide to organizing public elections

When it comes to election time, there are certain required items that every public polling place must have. Below you will find a very short list of the required election supplies and you will also find a detailed look at each item, specifically. Read More